Cultivo Una Rosa Blanca

Guest writer Tahimi's memoir piece, "Cultivo Una Rosa," in The Elixir. How beautiful it must be to grow old and wise. To hear prophecies in the winds, or see memories in violet sunrises. I can still feel the lulling motions of that old wooden rocking chair with its straw back and the faint smell of cigar …

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FREE February Desktop Wallpaper

Now that I'm not in school anymore and not really working much--though that will change soon--I don't have need of a desktop wallpaper that organizes my files. What I DO need is something beautiful and inspirational (yet still functional because I'm not a caveman, obviously). So I made a February calendar wallpaper with a gorgeous …

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Will a Fig Last in the Icebox?

Am I the only one with a wandering heart that makes it hard to be happy where I am? I can’t help imagining that it would be so much easier to eat organic if we lived abroad. Or, since it’s so much cheaper if you’re already overseas, that we’d travel more. Generally, that our quality …

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the rate of death is directly proportional to the rate of life

Guest writer Tahimi's poem, "the rate of death is directly proportional to the rate of life," in The Elixir. I am 22 years old and hopefully, wistfully, 60 years from death. I used to dream about traveling the globe, stabbing a flag into the tips of the Himalayan mountains, or snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, a school …

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M A N I A Album Review | Fall Out Boy

Hi readers! Guest writer Becca here. I've heard people say they don’t like Fall Out Boy’s new music because it’s different, and I have just one thing to say to those people: YOU ARE DEPRIVING YOURSELVES. Sure, it’s different from their old stuff, but their style has evolved. It would be disappointing if it hadn’t. …

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An Open Letter to My Sister-Daughter

Journal Entry: the mixed feelings of having to raise your sister.Remember when I used to blast my music and you would open your bedroom door to listen? Remember when I used to swindle you out of your candy by 'sharing' or convincing you that we should trade? Remember how we used to wait for everyone …

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A PC Season’s Greetings To You

In most of America—especially in the South—Christianity is a part of everyday life. This is accentuated during the holidays. Children are let out of school for “Christmas Break,” they pledge allegiance to “one nation under God,” and currency is inscribed with God’s name. Many people are of the opinion that being “politically correct” is a …

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The Cliffs of Moher


Restaurant Guide: Murray’s


Lost in the City: Dublin