My Journey from Feeling ‘Fat’ to Self-Love

Today I want to talk about self-love.

I haven’t been feeling very confident in myself lately. Whenever people Snapchat me, I take a picture of what I’m looking at instead of taking a selfie (otherwise it takes me far too long to find an angle that doesn’t make me feel horrible about myself). I have entirely too many days where I change two dozen times before I finally settle on wearing something that I still don’t feel entirely confident in. And it’s totally ridiculous that I should feel this way. I’m beautiful. I know that — to an extent. But sometimes it’s just so easy to fall back into my old habits.

I’ve always been ahead of the curve for my age, size-wise. No big deal. Always had a little bit of extra pudge too — nothing that I minded, until I started comparing myself to others. And once I did, I found that I fell short of beautiful. I wasn’t skinny enough or pretty enough. When I was eight years old, I drew a picture of two stick figures, labeled “before” and “after.” The “before” stick figure had a circle for a torso, while the “after” stick figure was just a normal one. I showed the picture to my dad and…

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