What was Virginia Woolf Wearing?

“Could she even seek her dinner in a tavern or roam the streets at midnight?” -“Shakespeare’s Sister,” from A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf (Helpful links to learn more: wiki page /spark notes / full text)

Woolf is pointing out the dangers of living alone in the city as a woman. Even in 1929 (which, honestly, is paradoxically early and late), women were raising awareness for the rape culture that surrounds us. Woolf is referring to a hypothetical sister of William Shakespeare’s, which puts her in, roughly, the 1580-90 time period, which shows how old this problem is. She goes on to describe how Shakespeare’s sister–equipped with the same brains and talent as her brother–is mocked for her ambition and forced to take up a dalliance with the stage manager in order to make a place for herself in London. She then becomes pregnant and, in despair, commits suicide. This tale is not new, but neither is it outdated…

See full article here.



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