Transitioning from School to Summer

I’m a busy person, and I like it that way. That’s how it’s always been for me. Throughout elementary and middle school, I participated in various extracurricular activities, from dance to karate to piano to voice and then back to karate, and so on and so forth. I was a member of a Girl Scout troop, I did the plays and musicals at my church, and I did all of my homework on time. In high school, I was involved in so many different aspects of my church that I was there almost every day of the week. In college, I keep myself so busy that some days I wonder why I do it all.

Of course, I love everything that I do, and that is the main reason that I do it. In fact, if there was more time in the day, I’d probably be doing more. Another thing that I’ve realized is I just work better under pressure. I watched a TED Talk on procrastination that does a phenomenal job of explaining…

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