Being a Mother in a World that Sexualizes Female Bodies

Last night, I was undressing my infant daughter to get her ready for her bath. This is a nightly ritual where I nibble on her feet, play “This Little Piggie Went to Market,” blow raspberries on her tummy, tickle her ribs, and, yes, pinch her teeny, tiny bare booty.

That last part shocked my sister. She said that it was “gross” and that I was “molesting” her. Nevermind that my daughter actually giggled extensively in response to my playful pinching. She is at the impressionable and self-absorbed age of 14. I couldn’t believe what I had heard her say about me playing with my baby girl. Especially coming from a teenager that had frequently worn shorts that had less fabric than some of my underwear and exposed her budding breasts almost to the nipples…

See full article here.



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