19 Underrated Movies You Need to Watch Right Now

Or if not underrated, under watched by the new generation. Here is a list of movies that are underrated, though each qualified because of a masterful combination of music, good editing, acting, humor, and general epic-ness. P.S. See how many "Harry Potter" actors you can spot! Fair and Away (1991) starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman... … Continue reading 19 Underrated Movies You Need to Watch Right Now

Sleeping Beauty

The Gainesville Theatre Alliance’s production of Sleeping Beauty* was lovely; it had dazzling scene design, rich costuming, and committed actors. However, the makeup was somewhat lacking. Some characters seemed to have no makeup on altogether, while others were so heavily stylized, when in combination with their multi-patterned costumes, their features were rendered nearly indistinguishable. Characters such … Continue reading Sleeping Beauty