Honeymoon: Take Two, Day 5

MONDAY, APRIL 4 I wake up an hour before my 6:30 alarm. I look out the window and see nothing. A jolt of panic runs through me as thoughts of malfunction plague my brain. I’ll have to find a sitter, is my first coherent thought. Then I realize that it’s not nothing, it’s just dark. …

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Honeymoon: Take Two, Day 4

SUNDAY, APRIL 3 The last day at sea passes in a blur, feels like we’re just waiting to go home, but we’re trying to drink in every last ounce of vacation left. That night, I sit out on our balcony, looking out and seeing blackness, or rather very dark blue. In those months looking forward …

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Honeymoon: Take Two, Day 3

SATURDAY, APRIL 2 We wake up to find that we are docked in Cozumel, Mexico, excited purely by the merit of its exotic otherness. We flood off the boat in droves and find a mini mall boasting AIR CONDITIONING! and selling oversized t-shirts with cartoon female bodies in bikinis—predictably disproportioned—and authentic ponchos with NFL logos. …

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