Broadway’s The Little Mermaid

Disney's overhaul of their third Broadway show. I recently went to see Disney's The Little Mermaid at The Fox Theatre in Atlanta. This venture was inspired by a previous anniversary's success with The Lion King-- my husband was moved to tears within the first line of Rafiki's wonderfully rich cry. Due to its predecessor, this … Continue reading Broadway’s The Little Mermaid


The Instagram Effect

How Instagram & Pinterest actually make it harder for you to be happy in your own life. A problem I've frequently encountered with social media is comparing my life to others', especially, in this case, on Pinterest and Instagram. Seeing professionally photographed photos of a designer's living room next to my now-seemingly-dingy living room (for … Continue reading The Instagram Effect

Baby Book

Here's PJ's baby book from Shutterfly--I didn't use one particular theme overall really, instead I relied heavily on the storytelling style and using a bunch of different backgrounds and embellishments. I knew basically immediately that none of the baby books on the market were a good fit for us--partly because I wasn't the type to … Continue reading Baby Book