Raising a Person, Not a Child

As my daughter was throwing (another) tantrum-- feet banging on the ground and chewing on her own fist --while I sat in guilty anguish but my husband sprawled in relaxed resignation...he told me something that alleviated a lot of my misgivings about discipline: "We're not raising a child, we're raising a person. Hopefully a good … Continue reading Raising a Person, Not a Child


Month Ten (Status Report)

For context: Intro to My Happiness Project | Month One: Energy & Status Report | Month Two: Health & Hygiene & Status Report | Month Three: Diet & Status Report | Month Four: Money & Status Report | Month Five: Home & Status Report | Month Six: Marriage & Status Report | Month Seven: Stress Management & Status Report | Month Eight: Attitude & Status Report | Month Nine: Motherhood & Status Report | Month Ten: Friendships Last month’s resolution of maintaining, nurturing, and making new friendships went as well as can … Continue reading Month Ten (Status Report)

Month Nine (Status Report)

For context: Intro to My Happiness Project | Month One: Energy & Status Report | Month Two: Health & Hygiene & Status Report | Month Three: Diet & Status Report | Month Four: Money & Status Report | Month Five: Home & Status Report | Month Six: Marriage & Status Report | Month Seven: Stress Management & Status Report | Month Eight: Attitude & Status Report | Month Nine: Motherhood Last month’s resolution … Continue reading Month Nine (Status Report)